Hey,Kids! What time is it?

1 next trip
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take: mower filters
take: power washer
roach motels/container for birdseed
add gate and garage cameras
chain saw - dead juniper

prune -> brush pit

Just a reminder that the brush pit will also be open on Thursdays from 1-4pm starting in May in addition to Sundays.
6 projects
7 projects start in scottsdale
8 explore
9 10
starter drip system
firewise check
PC/laptop; router replacement
install bidet
rain barrels
ceiling fans
grade backyard, cover crop in fall

drip system
hiking wallet/laminated cards
research ceiling fans
buy blink cameras

rim roads
w.clear creek
az trail
tonto nb
fossil creek
side roads on drive up
-fossil ledge and geode hill -gmap houston mesa rd N
see bookmarks hikes and geology
11 repairs
12 13 14 15
rehang front gate
check roof and skylight

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ctrl-s will also save. [tested in firefox]