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We help businesses use technology more effectively. Our services include software development, data analysis, and business process improvement. More...

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Success with Software
Get Great Results from your Systems with Technology and Teamwork
Software Development
Custom software design, development and support: we'll join your team or handle the entire project.

Software improvement: we can help troubleshoot and optimize your existing applications, and integrate them with other data and software.

Health Care Data Management
Data integration: efficiently combine data from many sources for reporting and analysis.

Health Care electronic documents: process EDI documents more flexibly, and use the data beyond the target applications.

Data Quality and compliance: standardize your data quality tests, and audit for compliance with HIPAA and other requirements.

Customer Relationship Management
Cost-effective new features: add them to your CRM system with our custom components, web services, and application integration tools.

Mobile and internet access to your CRM data.

Technology Management
Planning support: we can organize or facilitate your strategic and tactical technology planning.

Technology effectiveness review: find new technology opportunities for your business, and make the best use of your current resources.

Database Applications
Database design, development and support.

Analysis and visualization: we've created new and unique insights, by using software normally used in science and engineering with business data.

iPhone apps and other mobile device apps: access your data easily and securely.

Online data access: we have increased data access speeds 100 times in some applications.

Custom reports and tools for your existing applications.

Optimization: our performance audits and troubleshooting can also include networks, application code, architecture, and business processes.

Creative Arts
Support for Musicians, Artists and Studios:
- Custom programming for alternate controllers and control surface automation.
- Software and hardware synthesizer integration, including vintage instruments.
- Help with podcasting, online music and video, digital recording and websites.